Monday, February 1, 2010

Photo Booth

Thanks to Marge for the back drop design and Motsky for the idea, camera, tripod and photo service.
Jegarr and Mary's photo booth:



Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Big Day - Jhiann's wedding

What happened.... i just sat there smile, posed for the picture, shook hands of the well-wishers, hugged and kissed friends and relatives. Since I was in dazed on most part of my wedding  i'll just rely with the pictures..... thanks to all my friends and relatives who took time and went there to celebrate with us.  You made us feel special and important in your life.

Mr. and Mrs. Jegarr Gamilla

pretty secondary bridesmaids

spalsh of colors.... the entourage!

peace sign while walking down the aisle! cool

the newly weds

love my gown :-)

my cute flower girls and very behave little boys

lucky bachelor with pretty bachelorettes

tired pa din

i love teret's hair :-) winneeerrr


Monday, January 11, 2010

getting MARY'D

thanks to my WHO friends Marge, Beegee, Elline, Teret, Daisy, Goddess Muriel with the special participation of Doc Odj and Anna :-) for my getting MARY'D shower party last 08 jan 2010 at Cafe Breton, Robinson' Place, Manila. 

wild / wholesome girls :-)

after one good night with good friends .... thanks...thanks... :-) na surprise ako

the highlight of the shower party (wholesome pa din)

wildest gift of the night .... yung laman ba o yung nasa picture?

Stabilo Yellow

Finally after all the revisions here's the secondary bridesmaid's gown....sobra sa pagka sunshine im sure di sila masasagasaan..... you like yellow here's your stabilo yellow :-)

aaaawwww suppperr bright :-)

gibi girls

forget VNC, Charles and Keith and CMG.....after the long search and outlet visit of this stores in so many malls, we finally found our wedding/bridesmaid shoes in no less than our favorite school shoe store GIBI....he..he.... (downgrade in level but not is style).

Elline and Marge Shoes

Beegee's shoes (eto talagagusto ko e tooo bad walang size 6 mmmm!!)

and here's mine the Bridal Shoes (the one and only that fits i guess this is for me talaga)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Jhi-ann's wedding invitation

almost but not quite

28 Dec 2009 - more than two weeks to go and it's the start of our new life.  We successfully completed all our requirements.....a big big...CONGRATULATIONS!  wew...after a number of seminars, interview, paper requirements, supplier update, sending out invitations, visiting friends and relatives, almost complete .... there will only be a couple of adjustment but that's why i have sisters and friends to clean all this mess....

counting...counting..counting the days.